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A bracelet, a contract, promises kept!

braceletI Promise Project was launched in 2012 with an idea from Dr. Pamela Thompson, a college professor and entrepreneur. With the support of Food Lion founder Ralph Ketner, the idea for a bracelet with a promise contract launched with thousands given away or sold in the first year. The bracelets supported fundraisers and were also featured in the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte during 2012.

The bracelets have taken many forms through the years but one thing is consistent: the combination of the iProm!se bracelet and a contract to keep your promise works and is a fun way to support a cause or make a personal change in your life.

Have fun exploring our “vintage” bracelets and styles! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and check out our products. If you are interested in an iProm!se fundraiser for your own cause, please contact us!

Dr. Pamela Thompson
Founder and CEO, I Promise Project LLC